fpm inbear is an official authorized GGB – Glacier Garlock Bearingsdistributor on the Polish market. Our history begins in 1994 when Glacier opened in Warsaw its office. GGB group consists of many producing and distributing companies concentrated on sliding bearing materials.

In 1995 Glacier’s Warsaw office opened another regional office in Gdynia, which from 2003 as fpm inbear reaches to all Polish customers. For over 5 years fpm inbear has developed into independent yet offical GGB distributor. Having more control over logistic process we have managed to reduce transport costs and have improved shipment flexibility and we are serving our customers highest GGB quality at the manufacturer’s price.

Specially for our customers we have extended the offer with other sliding bearing materials and semi-finished products in order to help in reducing the costs of purchase and shortening the delivery time. Furthermore we offer comprehensive know-how about all of our products with electronic or traditional documentation.

You are welcome to co-operate with us!