Sliding bearings FP15 (sintered iron)


1. Structure

Sintered iron (98% Fe + Cu + graphite + antioxidants + MoS2) impregnated with oil.

2. Characteristics

⦁ general purpose maintenance free bearing material,

⦁ optimal performance with light loads and medium or high speeds,

⦁ thanks to porous structure of sintered material, lubricant is transferred via capillary tubes,

⦁ can be machined into complex shapes,

⦁ wide range of parts available from stock.

3. Applications

⦁ small electric engines, starters and generators,

⦁ electric household equipment,

⦁ electric power tools,

⦁ machinery for agricultural, mining and automotive industry.

4. Availability

⦁ ex stock: cylindrical bushes, flanged bushes,

⦁ to order: non standard parts.

5. Technical data

6. Assembly tips

To assemble under steady pressure. For assembly use m5 shaft.

Additional machining of bushes permitted.