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1. Structure

⦁ self-leveling bearing with adjustable height made of: steel, stainless steel or alloy steel

2. Characteristics

⦁ reliable, heavy-duty and reusable solution for leveling and fixing machinery position,

⦁ the most economic way to achieve excellent assembly position,

⦁ easy and precise adjusting,

⦁ eliminates necessity of extra work as with resin chock,

⦁ eliminates necessity of do-and-test chock production, repeatable solution possible to apply almost everywhere,

⦁ can be sued for assembly of moving elements,

⦁ possible to readjust after assembly,

⦁ compensates up to 4° of angular misalignment,

⦁ low coefficient of friction,

⦁ possible to order in special design and with various accessories,

⦁ recommended to use with spherical washers (available for every size),

⦁ possibility to order as a complete solution set with recommend screws and tightening torque.

3. Applications

⦁ fixing of heavy machinery, engines, rotors, constructions, frames, etc.

4. Availability

⦁ ex stock: standard dimensions made of steel and stainless steel,

⦁ to order: low-profile and alloy steel products.

4. Manufacturer’s drawing
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