Sliding bearings DS

ds - Sliding bearings DS
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1. Structure

Acetal with filler on sinter bronze with steel backing.

2. Characteristics

⦁ marginally lubricated and dry bearing material developed for oscillating conditions,

⦁ DS does not cause fretting corrosion damage to the shaft under low amplitude oscillating movements,

⦁ performance similar to DX but with lower friction,

⦁ lubrication indentations are constant dispensers of lubricant.

3. Applications

⦁ industrial: mechanical handling and lifting equipment, machine slides, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic motors, ski-lifts, pneumatic equipment, medical equipment, textile machinery, agricultural equipment, scientific equipment, etc,

⦁ automotive: steering gear, power steering, pedal bushes, seat slides, king-pin bushes, tailgate pivots, brake caliper bushes, etc.

4. Availability

⦁ to order: cylindrical bushes, thrust washers, strips and non standard parts.

5. Technical data

ds 1 - Sliding bearings DS
6. Assembly tips

Assemble with stepped shaft in housings with insertion chamfer. Before assembly moisten housing or bush with oil. Fixture: no additional fixture is necessary after press fitting in, however gluing is permissible in special applications

or with reciprocating motion.
Caution: Do not use any lubricants containing MoS2, graphite or any other solid ingredients (can result with increased wear due to higher friction).

After-machining is permissible.