Sliding bearings DP31

1. Structure

PTFE with Ca2F, fluoropolymer and fillers (without Pb) on sinter bronze with steel backing.

2. Characteristics

⦁ designed for oil lubrication bearing material with good wear and friction performance over a wide range of loads, speeds, and temperature conditions,

⦁ lead-free, complying with the European Parliament’s End of Life Vehicles directive (ref. no 2000/53/EC) on the elimination of hazardous materials in construction of passenger cars and light trucks,
⦁ excellent erosion and chemical resistance,

⦁ good fatigue resistance.

3. Applications

⦁ industrial: injection pumps and gear pumps, hydraulic motors, etc.

⦁ automotive: pumps, motors, shock absorbers, struts and valves, etc.

4. Availability

⦁ to order: cylindrical bushes, flanged bushes, thrust washers, flanged washers, strips and non standard parts.

5. Technical data

6. Assembly tips

Assemble with stepped shaft in housings with insertion chamfer. Before assembly moisten housing or bush with oil. Fixture: no additional fixture is necessary after press fitting in, however gluing is permissible in special applications

or with reciprocating motion.
Caution: Do not use any lubricants containing MoS2, graphite or any other solid ingredients (can result with increased wear due to higher friction).