Sliding bearings deva.metal

1. Structure

Bronze or tin bronze or iron or nickel composite with even distributed solid lubricant (graphite or PTFE).

2. Features

⦁ self lubricating bearing material suitable for heavy working conditions,

⦁ performs well under heavy loads,

⦁ 800°C maximum working temperature,

⦁ meets optimal working conditions in slow motion intermittent operation,

⦁ high corrosion resistance,

⦁ designed for particular working conditions,

⦁ available also as semi finished products or blank material.

3. Applications

⦁ ironworks, steelworks, turbines, food industry, mining equipment, ships, sewage treatment plants, pumps, compressors, packaging machines, etc.

4. Availability

⦁ to order: cylindrical bushes, plates and special designs.

5. Technical data

devametal - Sliding bearings deva.metal

6. Assembly tips

The recommended method for installing bushes is supercooling (bronze alloys only) or press-fit. Additional lubrication improves bearing properties and bearing life.