Sliding bearings deva.glide

Deva glide - Sliding bearings deva.glide
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1. Structure

High-quality bearing bronze with solid lubricant pockets and a thin film of solid lubricant aiding the running-in process.

2. Characteristics

⦁ maintenance free bearing material suitable for heavy working conditions,

⦁ insensitive to edge pressures, contaminations, impact loads and corrosion,

⦁ maximum working temperature up to 250°C,

⦁ optimal performance at heavy loads and low speeds with intermittent work,

⦁ deva.glide absorbs vibrations, compensates misalignments and conducts heat,

⦁ suitable for rotating, oscillating, reciprocating and linear,

⦁ can also work in lubricated applications.

3. Applications

⦁ canal locks, weirs, hydromechanical engineering, offshore industry, iron

foundries and steel works, heavy machinery, cranes and conveyors, deep and open cast mining machinery, construction and earth-moving machinery, etc.

4. Availability

⦁ to order: cylindrical bushes, flanged bushes, washers, spherical bearings, plates and non standard parts.

5. Technical data of deva.glide dg02 (most common)

deva.glide  - Sliding bearings deva.glide

6. Assembly tips

Press-fit installation or supercooling. Fixture with countersunk screws or glue.

A running-in film on the sliding layer extends the bearing lifetime under certain operating conditions. Additional machining permitted.