Sliding bearings

1. Structure

Thin layer of deva.metal on a bronze or steel or stainless steel strip.

2. Characteristics

⦁ maintenance free, thin wall bearing material suitable for heavy working conditions,

⦁ suitable for higher loads than deva.metal,

⦁ maximum working temperature up to 350°C,

⦁ optimal performance at low speeds and intermittent work,

⦁ high corrosion resistance,

⦁ can work in dust and in radioactive environment,

⦁ deva.bm9p is a conductor and it does not collect electrostatic charge,

⦁ suitable for rotating, oscillating, reciprocating and linear motions as well as for micro-motions,

⦁ more economic solution than deva.metal (thin walled),

⦁ insensitive to edge pressures.

3. Applications

⦁ water turbines, injection moulding machinery, packing machinery, ford and beverage industry machinery, printing machinery, shut-off valves, hydro-mechanical engineering, tire moulds, apparatus engineering, etc.

4. Availability

⦁ to order: cylindrical bushes, flanged bushes, washers, plates and non standard parts.

5. Technical data

devabm 1 - Sliding bearings

6. Assembly tips

Press-fit installation or supercooling. Fixture with countersunk screws or glue.
An optional running-in film can extend the bearing lifetime under certain operating conditions.